What is your goal?

Are you looking to use a detox tea to lose weight fast and fit into that bridesmaid dress or that bikini? Looking for more of a long term, easy lifestyle change and solution that keeps the weight off? (Click here to read more)

This blog post is for you!

You’ll get tips to succeed, and a common mistake that most women make in their first week of starting a new program. This common mistake will guarantee you’ll never fit in that dress or bikini.

Even if you already eat healthy and exercise, and especially if you don’t, we have the solution for you!

A great detox tea will help you hit one or all of these goals:

  • Want to lose weight?
  • Want more energy?
  • Want to get rid of bloating?
  • Want to boost your metabolism?
  • Want to get rid of toxin buildup?

These are just several of the most popular reasons people like yourself start a detox program:


Weight Loss










“Quick! I need to fit in that dress or bikini and there’s less than a month left to go!” We do not endorse crash 1-7 day diets which can lead to damaging your health.

Toned Tea for Weightloss

We’ve all been there, and after spending time on your favorite search engine, you’ve probably ended up with some cayenne, honey, beetroot “cleanse.” After running to the bathroom for a week straight, maybe you made it and maybe you didn’t... into that dress.

Most of us are willing to try just about anything we find on the internet to look our best for that special event or vacation, but we don’t want to have to work too hard!

A good 30-day tea detox program should do most of the work for you, however, daily exercise and eating healthy will definitely speed things along.

Doing a 30-day tea detox while eating pizza and drinking a 12-pack of beer daily will not only end in failure but will also make you question your ability to lose weight in the future. We’ve all been there!

Check out a real review on Youtube, from a woman who eats healthy (most of the time) and exercises regularly, but could not get rid of her pesky 10lbs. She lost 10lbs in less than a month on our tea detox program.

Ready to start right now and fit into that dress? Click here.



Who isn’t looking for extra energy without the caffeine crash that follows? It's almost a myth!

Toned Tea for Energy


Our worst snacking habits come from needing an energy boost.  (candy bar anyone?)

An effective detox tea will give you that extra boost of calorie-free energy so you can skip those snacks you’ll regret and still have enough energy to keep you going, without feeling like you have to attack that box of cookies.

Check out a real review on Youtube, where a woman gained calorie-free energy from our tea detox program.

Ready to start right now and fit into that bikini? Click here.



Bloating sucks!

Toned Tea for Bloating

In fact, sometimes weight isn’t even a problem. It’s just the bloating that keeps us from fitting into that dress, or feeling confident in a bikini.

A good detox tea will attack the bloating first, so that you can feel a change and be even more motivated to hit your goal. Score!

Check out a real review on Youtube, where one woman’s bloating disappeared almost overnight on our tea detox program.

Ready to start right now and get rid of that bloating? Click here.



Whether you realize it or not, toxins have been building up in your body since you were in the womb.

Toned Tea for Detox

How much your body is able to flush them out is based on genetics, and environmental considerations.

Your daily “toxin load” determines whether your body is able to flush them out or ends up storing them and affecting everything from your weight, to your heart health.

A tea detox that goes an extra step will help support your body’s genetic predispositions, and also combat your daily toxin load.

Ingredients that include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and toxin-reducing Superfoods will go a long way in shifting the balance in your favor.

Read our full ingredient list and why our ingredients work.


Most women know what they want to see when they look in the mirror, but may not know the best way to get there. We all make mistakes, but sometimes we have a time crunch and we can’t afford to make those mistakes, like not hydrating enough our first week.

Let’s not talk about the time I ate only veggie sticks, and drank gatorade for a week. I was hoping to drop a dress size, but ended up GAINING weight right before my big event.

A good tea detox program will help you hit one or all of your goals in time for that important date on your calendar. Bloating should be one of the first things to improve and will be a great motivator to help you continue until you hit all your goals.

Choosing the right tea for weight loss or any other detox goal will help you get to where you want from where you are right now.

To get started and get into the shape you’re looking for, join our amazing 30 day Tea detox program here.

Yes! You can do it! We’re here to support you!

Be part of our community of success. Join others on their path to detoxing effectively, who have already seen results. You’ll look back at this moment as the turning point in your detox goals.

We even guarantee your first month. If you don’t love your results or the program, we’ll give you 100% of your purchase back in the first 30 days. Start here now.

We guarantee your success!

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